Lower cargo from the loadspace to the ground injury free and with minimal effort with a liftgate from Axton. No matter what type of truck you use, from pickup trucks to platform bodies, our liftgates can help you transfer heavy equipment safely and easily.

Tommy Gate G2 on Service Body

Tommy Gate G2 on Service body

Strong and versatile, Tommy Gate’s G2 Series is the latest in parallel-arm technology. Dual hydraulic cylinders apply direct power to both sides of the platform for increased consistency in motion and stability. The G2 can reduced maintenance requirements and has a wide variety of platform options and hitch compatibility

Tommy Gate Railgate

Tommy Gate Railgate

The Tommy Gate Railgate Series consists of expertly-engineered lifts that allow for higher weight capacities and deeper platform loading areas. Standard model railgates employ a padded-slider system and are offered in both steel and aluminum frames.

Tommy Gate Tuckunder TKL

Tommy Gate Tuckunder

Tommy Gate’s Tuckunder models feature a single-cylinder, power-down, highly efficient design and can accommodate bed heights from 33 to 47 inches. Lightweight and durable, the Tommy Gate tuckunders combine sleek modern engineering and 2500 pounds of lifting capacity with applications to fit all major flatbed, stake and van bodies.

Tommy Gate Cantilever

Tommy Gate Cantilever on van

Tommy Gate’s Cantilever Series models are highly versatile and include numerous desirable features. A bolt-on underside mount is compatible with most modern vans and eliminates the need for any welding. The platform is constructed from corrosion-resistant aluminum and folds laterally, allowing for access to the rear of the van without operating the lift.

Tommy Gate V2 Series (on a van)

Tommy Gate V2 on van

The latest in liftgate technology, the V2 Series by Tommy Gate provides the maximum platform loading area while occupying the smallest possible space when stored in the rear of the van. The V2 combines sleek modern engineering with hands-free platform open and close, built-in cart retention ramp, and 1100 pounds of lifting capacity.

Maxon C2 (on a service body)

Maxon C2 on service body

All of Maxon's C2 liftgates are built with high performance and low maintenance in mind. An oversized, fully enclosed pump and motor assembly helps ensure increased life and less potential for downtime, while maintenance-free, grease-free bearings reduce the need for service. Maxon’s C2 lifts provide direct lift with level ride, with ramp options that increase loadable platform depth, as well as the option for steel or aluminum platforms.