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Axton can make it easy to organize the van workspace while securing your products and tools. We have a multitude of packages available based on specific industry types. We can further customize your van with workbenches, interior lighting, compartments, drawers, foldaway shelving, ladder racks, window security screens and more. A well-designed interior will allow you to work faster and more efficiently when out on the road.

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Work-Ready Trucks

Need a work-ready Van today? Axton Truck Equipment partners with a variety of dealers with upfitted trucks that are ready to hit the road. Click below to check out what is available today.

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Ranger Design Shelving

Ranger Design Shelving

Ranger Design provides van storage systems that are built tough and guaranteed rattle-free for a quiet ride. Their highly adaptable van shelving and packages suit every trade and every need.

Weather Gaurd Shelving

Weather Guard Shelving

Weather Guard van solutions are ready to roll with game changing improvements based on years of research and your input. Durable, professional grade shelving, improved bulkheads, and a host of smart accessories, designed around the commonsense idea that tools and equipment belong on the shelf, not the floor.

Prime Design Ladder Racks

Prime Design Ladder Racks

Prime Design is the original manufacturer of ergonomic ladder racks. These ladder racks allow you to unload and load your ladder safely without ever reaching over your head, which reduces muscle stress and risk of injury.